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"This really helped me see myself and my partner in a new light."
Lance (33, Chicago)
“I felt a connection with Naomi, my expert, from the get-go. The process has been so insightful and brings new layers to my marriage.”
Vicky (27, Palo Alto)
“Our sessions give me so much to think about, conversations with my wife are already so different. I am really motivated to continue!”
Brian (35, Austin)
“My husband would never have gone to a normal therapist, no way! With Ritual, he feels comfortable, he can do things on his own terms.”
Anne-Marie (34, Trenton)
“My husband and I just had our 2nd child, obviously no time for couples therapy! Ritual allowed me to get the value without the cost!”
Serena (29, New York City)

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Meet Naomi (MSW)
Naomi has decades of experience as a teacher, couples therapist, and a clinical social worker. She received her BA in psychology at Barnard College and her MSW at UC Berkeley.
Meet Assael (MSW, PHD)
Assael is a seasoned family and couples therapist who believes in the synergistic infusion of therapy, art and education to help people connect to themselves and each other.
Meet Galit (MA)
Galit is a life coach, a sociologist at heart and a gender PhD student who loves to see how the intersectionality of these fields influences human connection.

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